Masters Independent On-Water Booking

Rowing Independently on Lake Meahagh

  • Use the links below to book a single. CCRA has expanded its fleet of singles, please read the descriptions and choose an appropriate boat to fit your weight and note whether you are signing out a rec single or a racing single.
  • Do not go out unless the wind, water, weather conditions will be favorable for the duration of your row. Air temperature + Water Temperature needs to = 100 degrees.
  • Review and follow the CCRA Lake Meahagh Traffic Pattern at all times.
  • Complete a boat inspection prior to launch.
  • Do not attempt to fix a boat, unless it’s a simple tightening of existing hardware. Do not scavenge parts from another boat. Do not ruin another boat because you are in a rush. If the boat you want to row is not ready to row then your row is scrapped for the day unless you can use your mobile phone to sign out another available single in that time slot. Fill out an online repair form which will also be emailed to you after your row.
  • Immediately head to the dock if the weather turns bad, especially in the case of lightning. You must wait at least 30 minutes after the last lightning strike before returning to the water.
  • Never, ever leave your boat, even if you consider yourself a strong swimmer. If you can’t climb back into the boat, use it as a flotation device, and swim it toward shore.
  • Be a good neighbor: Keep the noise down, especially early in the morning.
  • Guest rowers are not permitted unless they have been pre-approved by the club.
  • Know and be able to confidently execute all the skills and procedures outlined in the Skills Checklist.
  • Departure Checkout:
    1. Make sure all equipment is off the dock, and everything is securely stowed away and strapped down.
    2. Disinfect and rinse down the boat after the row.
    3. Fill out the damage/repair form if there is any damaged or missing equipment. A link to the online repair form will be in your email after your row.
    4. Make sure the door to the shed is locked!!
Any Violation of the Above Procedures Can Result in Loss of CCRA Membership Privileges for the Current Season (or Beyond).

Reserve a Boat

Please do not signup for more than 7 slots at a time per week. To give others a chance in the prime 5am slot, please limit signing out the same (singles) boat to twice a week.

Please respect the start and end times of each time slot, especially in the popular 5am and 6:15am time slots. Click on a boat name below to reserve.

Current Scheduled Signups

Kanghua Thin Rec 1x:

Kanghua Tubby Rec 1x:

Little Red Riding Hood 1x:

Maas Aero New 1x:

White Rec Single 1x:

Vespoli Matrix 24 Lightweight 1x:

Wintech 1x:

Louise LW Kanghua blue racing 1x:

Loki HW Sykes white racing 1x:

Thor HW Sykes white racing 1x:

Red 2x:

White Star 2x:

The Hudson: